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Cross Currents

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Cross Currents
As a progressive provider of unique products and methods for the breakbulk industry, Cross Currents 88 offers innovative products that could be of great benefit to companies in the Breakbulk industry. These products have been in use for years and have shown significant economic benefits compared to traditional rubber air bags. Come and discuss the benefits...lower cost per trip, lower acquisition costs, lower labor costs for installation, reusable and Recyclable!  A new inflation system, the Yellow Box, assures consistency and maximum cargo security in the hatch. A push button process to produce the same results every time from any and every stevedore. In the container industry, our securement, which include dunnage bags, are an excellent substitute for wooden and other types of bracing.

All of these products are designed to secure cargo during transportation and prevent damage, which can be particularly important for high-value and consolidated cargo. By partnering with Cross Currents, your business could benefit from their proven track record of success through innovative products. They could help you to reduce the risk of damage to goods during transportation, which could save you money on claims and improve customer satisfaction. 

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