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From Breakbulk Europe 2019 Preview

Meet Christoph Homeier, Manager Innovation & Digital Transformation, BLG Logistics Group, who will be part of an industry forum discussing a new era of innovation for breakbulk.

As the manager of innovation and digital transformation at BLG Logistics Group, what initiatives are a priority for the company over the next 12 months or so?

We are still doing PoC projects (our so-called 100-day-projects) as we think there are still so many new things coming up but also decided to focus on key technologies we want to push and scale through the company. In addition, we beef up our communication part so that many colleagues can take part in new technology projects. We understand culture as the key driver for change.  

What will a successful digital transformation look like? From operations and systems to employees’ attitudes toward change?

We believe that the best ideas come from our people that are responsible for our operational processes and that the right culture is the foundation for a successful digital transformation. Therefore, it is very important to encourage everyone to take part in our idea gatherings, join creative workshops and work together with us on change projects.

How do you manage change? What challenges do you face and what strategies have you found to be effective?

Our major challenges are that we are facing so many new topics that are coming up in such short time. We developed the 100-day-project concept that gives us the opportunity to test out new technology in a very short time to decide if we want to continue or not. This means we need to be bold and establish a no blame culture so that people are willing to try things out.

Are there any gaps in technologies that you would like to see filled?

I would like to see more projects and initiatives that support sustainability in logistics. If we can be successful there, we really could make a difference. 

Are we entering a new era of innovation for breakbulk?" will take place on Wednesday, 22 May from 12:00 – 13:00 in the Tech and Innovation Hub in Hall 6. ‘Innovation’ and ‘digital disruption’ have become buzz words of the 21st century. But what do they mean for the breakbulk sector, an industry that is frequently labelled as “behind the times” and many would argue is not suitable for digital disruption due its non-standardised nature which defies automation and simplification? This panel will present the findings of the Maritime Cluster North Germany and NBS Northern Business School’s research, focussing on digital trends in the breakbulk business. With panellists representing Carl Polzin, Logistics Plus, Encoway GmbH, Maritime Cluster North Germany, thyssenkrupp, BLG Logistics Group and Bremen Ministry of Ecomoinc Affairs, Labour and Ports. 


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