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Qingdao Mingrun Machinery CO., LTD

Stand: 2L01
  • Ports & Terminals

MINGRUN MACHINERY CO. ltd. is a family owned and managed company specialising in forging and chain making.

Its products portfolio can be divided into 2 groups, the first group being products for the maritime sector and the second group being chains and rigging products for industry and transportation use.

Our product range for maritime use:
  • Long link lashing chains
  • Tension levers
  • Speed lashes
  • US Type Shackles (up to 85T SWL)
  • Lashing shackles
  • Hamburger Turnbuckles
  • US Type forged turnbuckles
  • D-rings
  • Stopper plates
  • Bins

For industry and transportation use:
  • Short link chains (EN818-2)
  • US Type transportation chains
  • DIN763 chains
  • DIN766 chains
  • US Type Shackles up to 85T SWL DIN1480 Turnbuckles
  • US Type forged turnbuckles
  • Loadbinders
  • Wire rope clips
  • Thimbles

MINGRUN MACHINERY CO. ltd. is represented by its exclusive Agent Stuut Lifting & Lashing. In addition to selling the above mentioned products, Stuut Lifting & Lashing is also the official distributor of OX Worldwide for the spreaders, multi lug beam and trolleys.
Qingdao City, China