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MARPRO Group Unveils Vision to Reshape Global Maritime Recruitment

Ambitious Expansion Plans Aim to Position Company as Industry’s Top Talent Provider

Whether you’re a maritime company seeking exceptional professionals or a skilled individual searching for the next career opportunity, MARPRO Group connects the right talent with the right employers. Celebrating seven years in the business, the company and its founder, Jakob le Fevre, outline ambitious plans to revolutionize the global maritime recruitment market.

Compliance, service-mindedness, performance, industry-specific expertise and network: these are some of the biggest ingredients in MARPRO Group’s recruitment cocktail, and they work wonders.

If you ask Jakob le Fevre, the ride has been… well, a hell of a ride. The founder and managing director of MARPRO Group explains how MARPRO has grown into a more robust recruitment company, and how he hopes to help maritime companies towards a simpler and more intelligent recruitment process for their employees.

“MARPRO Group began as a solo venture without a defined vision for future growth,” the executive says. “After several years of operating in this manner, I developed a unique business system tailored specifically for recruitment in the global maritime industry. Since then, we have consistently optimized and refined our procedures. I firmly believe that our current concept is unparalleled in the industry."

The beginning is always bumpy, juggling with a million things. Then after infinite hours, long days, and sweat, things fall into place, and it becomes a different beat. After being in the entrepreneurial world for almost a decade, he is delighted that things are falling into place and that he can call his little baby… well, not a baby anymore, but a well-established group.

Founded initially as MARPRO in 2017, the company has now evolved from a fledgling startup into the robust MARPRO Group, a testament to its growth and expansion over the years. Especially between 2021 and 2023, MARPRO Group took the industry by surprise and underwent a remarkable transformation, opening two additional offices across Europe and growing from one man to 12 motivated team members.

Tip of the Iceberg

This strategic expansion saw the birth of MARPRO Netherlands and MARPRO Germany. These new offices weren’t just about geographical reach and their importance in the global maritime industry. They represented a commitment to serving clients with local expertise and cultural understanding, essential elements when you work with people – especially in the maritime industry.

It’s clear that for le Fevre, this is only the tip of the iceberg; he is ready to move the needed muscles to achieve the organization’s ambitions of establishing MARPRO offices in the most important maritime hotspots. MARPRO Group is already a global name in maritime recruitment, with customers in over 25 countries. However, the market potential for more MARPRO offices is enormous, and the need for talented candidates even more.

Building Foundations

But there will be time for that. With roots firmly planted across Europe, MARPRO Group entered 2024 with a renewed focus: Strengthening its existing offices and fortifying the foundational structure of the entire organization. This shift in focus from expansion to consolidation is indicative of MARPRO Group’s maturation into a well-established entity. Rather than chasing growth for growth’s sake, MARPRO Group aims to enhance the quality of its services, deepen client relationships and solidify its position as a trusted partner in maritime recruitment.

“MARPRO Group recently celebrated its seventh anniversary,” le Fevre says. “The number seven signifies the end of one phase and the beginning of another. Over the past years, we have established a strong financial foundation and are currently reinvesting in various upgrades. We have just secured a major partnership with LinkedIn, becoming official Enterprise Partners. Additionally, we have meticulously documented our processes in preparation for future ISO certification.

“We have transitioned to a new Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that offers a unique candidate experience and have collaborated with the world’s leading CRM provider, alongside an external consulting firm, to enhance our business system. While most niche recruitment companies remain small, our size enables us to professionalize our operations to meet the standards of our clients.

“I firmly believe that we have developed a truly unique concept. Our online presence is substantial, with attracting approximately 80,000 visits per month. We also manage the LinkedIn groups Maritime Professionals and Maritime Deck Officers, which boast over 125,000 members. Our team consists of maritime professionals with solid, relevant education, industry understanding, language proficiency, and extensive personal networks within the industry.”

A Clear Vision

“MARPRO’s vision is to revolutionize the global maritime recruitment market by implementing an innovative business model on a global scale. This will be achieved through the establishment of smaller business entities globally. These entities will leverage a unified branding strategy, standardized procedures, targeted marketing initiatives, a cohesive pricing strategy, and advanced cloud-based tools and file archives.”

As MARPRO Group aims to be at the forefront of recruitment in the maritime industry, constantly developing innovative processes, the goal is to ensure that their current offices are not just functioning but thriving. The mission is to provide exceptional service to their clients and candidates, making life easier for both. This foundation will support MARPRO’s future growth and help achieve the vision of becoming the leading maritime recruitment company worldwide.

MARPRO Group is an associate partner of Breakbulk Europe.

TOP PHOTO: Jakob le Fevre, MARPRO Group.