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The Faymonville Group is the world’s leading manufacturer of semi-trailers for the special haulage industry. Faymonville Group’s brand portfolio includes transport solutions from 15to up to 15,000to … and above. Amongst them are not only semi-trailers with or without ramps, extendable flatdecks up to over 65m or diverse lowbeds and dollies, but also specialized solutions for the transport of precast concrete elements or glass.

Moreover, the Group has developed a series of heavy-weight modular trailers that are compatible and interoperable with products of other manufacturers. With the CombiMAX, Faymonville developed a unique and revolutionary semi-trailer concept. The CombiMAX series combines all the advantages of a modular system with the user-friendliness of a conventional heavy load trailer and offers the customer a more economic and variable solution for the most diverse requirements thanks to the versatile combination possibilities. Along the leitmotiv of this product: Define and combine! If the buyer analyses his needs as accurately as possible, the CombiMAX construction kit enables him to find the optimum solution.

Vehicles from the Faymonville Group are doing transport jobs around the whole world: from Norway to South Africa, from Malaysia to Canada, from Germany to China. Our trailers are transporting goods and materials in over 100 countries. The Faymonville Group has a production area of more than 150,000 m² in 5 different factories with a capacity of more than 3,000 units per year and provides the most dedicated customer support in that industry.

Faymonville is ready for all challenges. True to the motto: trailers to the MAX!

To contact us, please send an email to sales@faymonville.com

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