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J M Baxi group

Stand: 2K10
  • Ports & Terminals

The J M Baxi Group prides itself in being a 108 year old business conglomerate within the trade and shipping sector through service offerings in the Marine Services, Ports & Logistics and Technology sector. Professionally managed companies within the group span the entire logistics services value chain including

● Port facilities | container and multi-cargo port terminals, cruise terminals, container freight stations, inland container depots and rails
● Niche logistics services | bulk cargo, project cargo, offshore installation and ship agency services

You can find more information about our verticals here:
● Marine Services: Our long established data-driven business vertical. Combined, all the marine services companies of the group collectively make the group India’s largest professional and integrated marine agency
● Ports & Logistics: As a part of the infrastructure and logistics vertical, the group caters to a need for specially designed shipping logistics infrastructure including port facilities such as container and multi-cargo port terminal
● Technology: This decade-old vertical has a keen presence in water, communications and digital solutions for the maritime trade. The youngest and most dynamic space in the group
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India