Barrus is Taking an Active Part in the Construction of the Amur Gas Processing Plant

Barrus Projects is taking an active part in the construction of the Amur Gas Processing Plant (AGPP) in Svobodniy, Amur Region, Russian Federation.

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Barrus Projects team together with their Chinese partner COSCO SHIPPING Project Logistics successfully completed one more complex delivery of equipment for the needs of CPECC (China Petroleum Engineering & Construction Corporation) from the ports of Zhangjiagang and Tianjin in China to a specialized pier of the Amur Gas Processing Plant on the Zeya River, Amur Region with a total volume of 8 162 freight tons. 

Main ODCs: 

  1. Depropanizer Column: 54,5m х 6,5m х 7,02 m / 243 mt.
  2. Debutanizer Column: 47,7m х 5,05 m х 5,57 m. / 135 mt.
  3. Flare Ko Drums: 13,5m х 5,0m х 5,55m / 73 mt.
  4. Feed Gas Drying Absorbers: 16,6 m х 6,15m х 6,23m / 223 mt.

One of the most critical and dangerous operations as part of the project was the offloading of oversized cargo (OOG) in the sea port of De Kastri from the MV BBC “Kibo” sea vessel to 3 (three) barge towing units, ownership of the Amur Shipping Company JSC.

All transhipment, placement and securing of good soperations were carried out by specialists of Barrus Projects. Moreover, Barrus Projects also performed a full scope customs clearance service (customs bonded arrangements) for that consignment.

All works were successfully completed and cargo was delivered to the pier of the Amur Gas Processing Plant on time, according to schedule of constuction of the Amur GPP.