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Va​n​ De​r​ Vl​i​s​t​ Tr​a​n​s​p​o​r​t​ Gr​o​u​p​

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Va​n​ De​r​ Vl​i​s​t​ Tr​a​n​s​p​o​r​t​ Gr​o​u​p​
Van der Vlist is a logistic service provider with a passion for transport and technology. We are always looking for optimal solutions for our customers, underlined by our core values, integrity and transparency. A national and international dynamically operating Dutch family-owned firm with almost 90 years of experience and its own culture. We provide a range of solutions that combine transport via road, sea, inland waterways, rail and air and also storage and technical services like inspection, assembly and modification.

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