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PTC | Particuliere Transport Coöperatie b.a.

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PTC | Particuliere Transport Coöperatie b.a.
PTC is a cooperative of inland shipping entrepreneurs, who jointly provide water transport for customers. Our motto is “Strong Together”.  

We are therefore ""Strong Together"" in chain cooperation in both the horizontal and vertical transport chain. Jointly offering (horizontally) a transport guarantee to the connected skippers, with which we can carry out large transport volumes within long-term relationships with shippers (vertically).

We unburden the customer by actively thinking along and collaborating on efficient logistics and sustainable solutions, with which the entire chain can continue to improve. Our specialization is transporting a variety of cargo flows such as Breakbulk, among others.

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Rivium 1e straat 115
Capelle a/d IJssel, Zuid-Holland
2909 LE

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