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Ports of Trieste and Monfalcone

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Ports of Trieste and Monfalcone
One of the key specializations of the ports of Trieste and Monfalcone involves the handling of exceptional loads, heavy lift, and breakbulk, as evidenced in their development and innovation plans.

The Port Network Authority of the Eastern Adriatic Sea’s policies and initiatives in terms of logistical, physical, and digital integration have encouraged the development of synergies between land and sea, and between the region and its main port. This has further consolidated the development and growth of a highly innovative steel and metalworking industrial and port system specializing in major projects.

The ports of Trieste and Monfalcone have thus developed a know-how that has been integrated into a single regional system (Friuli Venezia Giulia) and has become a strategic reference point for major international industrial firms, regardless of their proximity to embarkation points. The main goal of this system is to position itself as one of the leaders in the European logistics market for cargo/heavy lift projects, in order to meet a fast-growing and highly exacting demand.

The availability of dedicated facilities and infrastructure, of specialized and flexible services, and of highly skilled personnel experienced in problem solving concerning complex loads allows the ports to safely and efficiently handle both the import of raw materials and semi-finished goods to be processed – which can be stocked in the port of Trieste’s free zones – and the export of projects in the infrastructure, energy, architecture, and shipbuilding sectors. 

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