Thomas Poulsen

Managing Partner; Facilitator Panticon; Wind Logistics Group

Thomas Poulsen is the Managing Partner of Denmark-based consultancy, Panticon. Specializing in transportation, logistics, and the supply chain as one focus area as well as renewable energy with emphasis on the wind market, Panticon renders services within the areas of strategic management consulting, mergers & acquisitions, and market intelligence. Poulsen obtained his PhD in global wind energy shipping and logistics from 2013 Р2018 and assembled a group of organizations to act as a Reference Group to the steer the research development in a practically useful direction based on a shipping and logistics representation from across the supply chain. Through Denmark-based Transport Innovation Network (Transportens Innovationsnetværk or TINV), Poulsen continues to spearhead the cross-value chain wind energy transport and logistics non-profit network he started during his PhD research period, now Wind Logistics Group. In addition, Poulsen serves as a non-executive member of select supervisory Boards of Directors. For more information, please refer to