VTG Project Logistics

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VTG Project Logistics
VTG Project Logistics operates in all transport sectors between Europe and Asia and offers a comprehensive service portfolio that includes preparing load diagrams, obtaining transport permits and handling and securing loads. Its primary focus is on rail and port operations and the movement of heavy and oversized loads on various modes of transport (rail, road and water), including transshipment via ports such as Klaipėda and Vladivostok. With local teams on site, procedures such as customs clearance, goods inspections, supervision of loading and unloading and feasibility studies are significantly easier to accomplish. The logistics experts’ core competencies also include coordinating at borders where standard and broad-gauge rail systems meet – a key criterion for rail consignments from both Europe and Asia.

Klaus Lutze
+49 30 55508 120

Sascha Bengel
+49 30 555 08 119

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