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Several years ago, Michele Marraffa, founder of the company and always our only CEO, built this company on the basis of his working experience in the handling/transport sector in the broadest sense of the term: in addition to machinery, innovations in the field and the design of new projects, his real goal was to focus on people, giving providing them with all the training necessary to face the new daily challenges they come across every day.

In this way, offering 360° of innovation with 360° innovation and, mainly made up of constant ongoing technical and professional training courses and continuous formation, we have become a well-established company in Italy and Europe, known for our professionalism and ability to accomplish any type of project.

Our experience allows us to offer you a quality service, tailored to any need. From the exceptional transport with extendable vehicles, that can travel at just with a height from the ground of only 10 cm above floor level, to the our safety car service with authorized cars and personnel and authorized cars, from any kind the of handling and lifting of operations any kind, with availability of cranes of up to 400 tons, we can offer youing the best solution for every type of demand problem. We use technologically advanced equipment capable of handling industrial machines up to 600 tons, even on delicate floors and inside ports.

In addition, we handle exceptional tank transports, boat transports, construction equipment transports, beam transports, presses, crushers, wind and laminated wood components, industrial movements, industrial lifting, crane rentals and aerial platforms.

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