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Kocks Ardelt Kranbau GmbH
Kocks Ardelt Kranbau is a German company for Port and shipyard cranes with the Head Office in Eberswalde and branches in Bremen and Oberhausen. The design and fabrication sites of the different products are located at various locations throughout Germany thereby maintaining the knowledge centres that have existed for decades. The main business is shipunloading with our Product Tukan K as well the Tukan as a multipurpose slewing crane for general cargo. The Goliath crane is a heavy lift crane responsible for big parts e.g. shipsections in ship yards. Last but not least our Feeder Server as a very reliable Ship to shore crane for Feeder Services.

Werner Göbel
Sen. Sales Manager

Jörg Schildknecht
Sen. Sales Manager

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Heegermühler Str. 64, Eberswalde

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