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J M Baxi Group
J M Baxi Heavy through the merger of Boxco Logistics India, Lift & Shift India and Allcargo Projects Forwarding has taken up the challenge to facilitate the industrial and infrastructural growth of our country, and also facilitate our Indian & global partners in Nepal, Bangladesh, the Gulf region and Africa. J M Baxi Heavy is a project logistics company unparalleled in the Indian subcontinent for its engineering, marine, C&F, unique equipment and technology capabilities. J M Baxi Heavy is a subsidiary of J M Baxi Ports & Logistics. We are an integral part of the 106-year-old legacy and pedigree of the J M Baxi group.

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Godrej Coliseum, 10th  Floor, 1001-'A & B' Wing, Everard Nagar, Sion (East)

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