J M Baxi Group

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J M Baxi Group

India’s oldest company serving shipping and its associated businesses. The Group is split in to three verticals, each of which will be represented at Breakbulk.

SERVICES – represented by JM Baxi & Company and DIABOS
Shipping services are our long-established data-driven business vertical. Combined, all the shipping services companies of the group collectively make us India’s largest professional and integrated shipping agency.

LOGISTICS – represented by BOXCO
One of India’s largest logistics and supply chain service providers, our logistics division services diverse parts of the nation delivering on-time, value-added services to sectors ranging from metals to power, and from oil and gas to fertilisers.

INFRASTRUCTURE – represented by International Cargo Terminals & Infrastructure
As a part our infrastructure vertical, International Cargo Terminal (ICT) identified the need for specially designed shipping logistics infrastructure. With its state-of-the-art facilities helps connect cargo seamlessly.


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