HLI Rail & Rigging

Hall 1 1K24 Freight Forwarder

HLI Rail & Rigging
The HLI Family of companies will collect oversized and overweight cargo from anywhere in the World for delivery to destination in the USA, Mexico and Canada.  Once cargo arrives, HLI has extensive expertise and experience in all modes of transportation throughout the USA, Mexico and Canada to deliver to the destination, including the assembly if needed.  As our focus at HLI is on handling oversized and overweight cargo, we specialize in handling power and press related equipment, including assembly.  HLI has recently added Mars Transformers to the HLI family, so we are now able to go beyond factory to foundation with power transformers.  As a result, we now offer substation maintenance and the sale or rental of transformers from our own inventory for anyone needing a transformer urgently.  Visit us at www.hli.us.com or www.marstransformers.com

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