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Bolk Transport B.V.

Bolk Transport is an allround logistic service provider that carries out exceptional (including escort cars and permits), covered, container and special transports and really transports everything up tot 150 tonnes by road or by water. Each day 350 employees move forward and together we keep going 200 trucks and 400 trailers throughout Europe. Our 40.000 m2 warehouses in Eastern Netherlands have optimal accessibility via the A35 and A1 motorways and inlandterminals of Combi Terminal Twente in Hengelo or Almelo. For each aspect of transport we are always interested in developing logistic services. Because a ‘Bolk person’ helps you think things through, looks for solutions and beaks new ground. This personal touch is crucial for the organization and execution of our services. Our people produce our quality. They form the basis of our success. Looking for the ideal solution for your transport needs or more information about our services?

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