Belgium Pavilion

For the first time we are offering Belgium exhibitors their own pavilion at Breakbulk Europe

As part of the Belgium Pavilion (stand i40), a company will receive:
  • A branded kiosk. The kiosk will come equipped with a monitor/screen, a desk space and stools
  • 4 event passes
  • Access to the Belgium Pavilion lounge and seating area to entertain and meet with partners and clients
  • Shared catering and beverage service (serving hot beverages and soda) staffed by hostess

The Belgium Pavilion will include these marketing benefits:
  • A dedicated email blast on the Breakbulk Belgium Pavilion
  • A dedicated page on the Breakbulk Europe website that links to participants’ listings
  • A web ad for the Pavilion which links through to the exhibitor list
  • The exhibitor list will be marked with icons identifying those companies that are part of the Pavilion
  • Aertssen Group
  • Ahlers
  • DP Survey
  • NxtPort
  • Sallaum Lines